PrimeTime: What's it all about?

"Making the most of your best years" is more than just a tagline for PrimeTime. Our mission is to enrich and improve the lives of people who are ages fifty and up. We offer books, primarily nonfiction, that are meant to help, to inspire, to instruct, to inform, and occasionally simply to amuse, and to make life better, easier, and more satisfying for this group. We are also a diversity-positive publisher that reaches out to all people of our multicultural global community.

In the spring of 2016, we intend to bring you reading that informs, amuses, and sometimes even amazes.


Although our official launch isn't till spring of 2016, we are pleased to "jump the gun" in time for Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa gifting with the publication of THE BABY BOOMER'S MOTIVATIONAL GUIDE TO WEIGHT LOSS by Scott "Q" Marcus & Cindy Marcus.
(Besides making a great gift, this book will also be helpful to those who are struggling with their own weight issues in the wake of the holiday "eating season.")

If you'd like to be notified when our first books are published, please send an email to and just tell us 'Put me on your notification'.

Right now, though, we're on the hunt for those books.

So if you're an author, now we want to talk to YOU!

Who reads PrimeTime books?
They're intended for readers 50 & up, but if you're 33 and one of our readers, don't worry - the Book Police aren't going to get you!

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We're a very approachable publisher:
~ We don't require you submit through an agent.
~ We welcome writers from varying backgrounds.
~ We're diversity-positive.
~ We're more interested in how well you write than in where or even whether you've been published before.

That doesn't mean we'll take just any manuscript we get! Our standards are high. But we judge you on your ideas and your writing ability, not your background or your connections.

Please see our contact and submissions page for further information on sending a manuscript or proposal/query to us.

Got grandkids, nieces/nephews, or other special kids in your life? Treat them to a book from our parent company, AcuteByDesign. Please visit and check out the lineup of wonderful books for kids there.  

We look forward to hearing from you!